Paint Your Pets With Fiddlestix!

We are delighted to offer Paint Your Pet nights  at your location. Church basements, community centers, schools, where ever you can find a space! A portion of the cost will be donated to a local pet charity of your choice.

      You will need to submit a  large clear image of your pet as a jpg file at least 150dpi at least one week before the paint night.

The Quality of your photo is very important! I cannot draw what I cannot see! Blurry, poorly lit photos will not work! I must see the eyes clearly!

Tips for great photos!

There are many elements that make a great photograph for a portrait, such as:

Large file size

In focus

Taken outdoors

True to life coloration

Taken at the dog's height

Open mouth provides more character

Bright eyes

I will draw your pet on an 11 x 14  neutral gray canvas with notations of colors and direction of brush strokes. We will offer assistance while you paint and make every effort to be sure you leave with a painting you will be

happy with.

Head shots are preferred! Full body images will be more difficult to paint since everything will be smaller and errors will be obvious.

     Class size is limited to 10 so we can give you our personal attention! This is definitely NOT a class for beginners!

This class is $45. and will most likely be 3 hrs

So much fun and so happy with my painting. I have done three other paintings somewhere else. We were rushed and the artists there were very average, at best. Linda was awesome. We took our time, had fun with great results. The website is correct -- it says they don't want anyone going home with a painting they would not hang on there own wall. Going to return to "fix" my first three paintings!!

Anita D.

Comments from our Pet Painters

Dear Linda @ Fiddlestix,

I attended your paint your pet last night and am home today with an incredible painting of my beloved Wyatt. I can't thank you enough for such a wonderful time , and memory.

I set this painting party up because of my friends and their love of their dogs. I had no idea we would have such incredible results . Every painting was wonderful as was your assistance and talent of sketching,( I know it's the hardest part! ) You made every picture so realistic, such a talent!

Thank you again for offering such a wonderful opportunity to immortalize our special bond with our dogs that we care for, train, show and love so much.

Warning, we'll be back!

Linda G

This is NOT a class for beginners! You should have intermediate to advanced painting skills to achieve a successful painting